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Who can use baggl?

Baggl’s online marketplace was created for businesses and freelancers.

Can multiple users access the same account?

Yes, but only if it’s a business account and additional users have been granted access through the admin area under User Management.

How do I sell my products and services?

As soon as your account has been approved you can begin to create listings to sell your products and services on baggl.
Other members can also find your profile and request quotations.

If I’m a seller, how much does it cost to sell through baggl?

We charge a flat-rate transaction fee of 12.5%, which is a combination of cash and trade credits. For example, if you sell a product or service with a combined value of £100, on a 50/50 cash vs trade credit basis, we will take £6.25 (cash) + T£6.25 (trade credits). We basically mirror the same cash/trade credit ratio with our fee, as the transaction itself.

How do I buy products and services?

As soon as your account has been verified, you can begin buying products and services from other members. Although, you’ll likely need some baggl trade credits, which you can earn by selling your own products and services through baggl.

Are there any fees to buy through baggl?

Nope. The only thing you pay for is the product or service. We don’t charge buyers any fees.

How do I get paid?

Once you’ve completed a transaction and the buyer has confirmed that their product or service has been delivered, payment will automatically be made available in your account. The fiat (regular currency) will be deposited into your bank account and your trade credits will be available to spend via baggl.

What’s a Trade Credit?

A Trade Credit is kind of like a gift voucher, which has an equivalent value of £1.00 (One Great British Pound) per TC£1.00 (One Trade Credit) and are used for accounting purposes to record transactions between members, in place of regular money.

Can I sell my Trade Credits or exchange them for cash?

Unfortunately not at present. We’re quite strict on this too and members found to be breaking this rule will regrettably have their accounts suspended and potentially closed.

Can I redeem my Trade Credits for cash?

Sadly you cannot redeem your trade credits against cash. The best way to utilise your trade credits is to exchange them with other members for the products and services you need for your own business or project.

What’s a Credit Line and can I apply for one?

A baggl ‘credit line’ is like an overdraft. Currently only business account holders can apply for our 12-month interest free credit lines, subject to credit status.

Is there an incentive for introducing new members to baggl?

100% Yes, yes, yes! You can introduce new members via the Your Network section with the dashboard, and every time they complete a transaction, irrespective of whether they’re buying or selling, you’ll receive between 1-2% of each transaction as trade credits. This will be for the life of their account too!

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